Unitarian Universalists of Greater Pittsburgh

UUs of Greater Pittsburgh

We are over 1200 UUs, 12 UU congregations, and 1 UU community joined together as the Unitarian Universalists of Greater Pittsburgh.

A Special Note From President Ron Smutny and the UUPittsburgh Board

A special note from President Ron Smutny and the UUPittsburgh Board … We are sure that most of you were — and still are — very distressed and disheartened by the Supreme Court decision handed down last Friday regarding the reversal of the historic Roe vs. Wade decision. This decision greatly alters reproductive rights and provides many obstacles to people who need or want to terminate preg...

Sowing Seeds Youth Justice Workshop; Aug.3 - Aug.6, 2022

https://www.uua.org/central-east/events/youth/sowing-seeds-2022 Sowing Seeds Youth Justice Workshop Event format: In person Date & time: Wednesday, August 3, 2022 - Saturday, August 6, 2022, All day Type of event: Conference Sponsor: UU College of So...

Shared Pulpit Worship July 3rd, 2022

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend for Shared Worship! Our hosts this week will be our friends at East Suburban UU. Just because they're not "real" doesn't mean we can't learn from them. Folx at ESUUC present in this service about how fictional characters can inspire us to become better people. The service starts at 1030 am. Here is the login information: https://zoom.u...

bUUcos night at PNC park; Sat. August 20, 2022, First Pitch 7:05

Date 8/20/20222 Place PNC Park Time: 7:05 pm possible pre-game Meetup. DEADLINE FOR ORDERING TICKETS IS 7/20/20222... PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT!!!!!!! There’ll be UU’s, pierogi races, b-ball and fireworks!!! Deadline for ordering your tickets is 7/20. RTJR!!!

Shared Pulpit Worship June 12, 2022

We hope you can make it this Sunday for Shared Pulpit Worship! Our hosts will the UU Congregation of Erie, who will be hosting a Flower Communion. https://fb.me/e/3j8XQR0To

Pgh UU's Organizing for Social Action

This is a FaceBook group. Please visit the UUPGH FB page for more info. You can email me and I can invite you to the group. joe_shaughnessy@hotmail.com

Exploring Food Inequality and Insecurity as They Relate to Race

UUs of Greater Pittsburgh Present: Exploring Food Inequality and Insecurity as They Relate to Race Saturday, June 18, 2022, 10am – 12pm via Zoom Register here: https://uua.wufoo.com/forms/m1gp6hvt0szyk0y/ The pressing issue of food inequality and insecurity and how it relates to race and ethnicity is one of importance to UUs. Hunger and the ability to purchase/obtain food -- especially nu...